Book Title: Wildflower-Excerpt

Authors: Michele Kimbrough and Kimbrough, Michele

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She falls in love with him hard and fast. But when she learns who he really is, will their love survive?

When Iris Meadows’  husband shows up on the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary with divorce papers, after he empties their shared bank accounts and sells the house right from under her, Iris is left with only one thought in mind: that she will never again give herself wholeheartedly to love.

When her mother gets sick, Iris takes a trip home to Chicago, where her world gets rocked to the core — not just by the death of her mother, but by one tall, sexy man — Preston Roberts. The Windy City casts its spell on Iris who soon realizes she’s reached an unexpected fork in the road: she falls in love with Preston and must confront her hopes and fears about love. But when his hidden truth is revealed, will she forever lose the desire to love?


Michele Kimbrough and Kimbrough, Michele


Wildflower-Excerpt Copyright © 2014 by Michele Kimbrough. All Rights Reserved.


Michele Kimbrough and Kimbrough, Michele
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Publication Date
June 20, 2014